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Taewoong ENS Ltd uses your personal information in order to fulfill our commitment in connection with all of your interactions with Taewoong ENS Ltd. As part of that undertaking, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information that we gather pursuant to Privacy Code. We will deal personal information lawfully and appropriately in order to protect the public interests. In addition, Taewoong ENS Ltd will comply with the privacy provisions of the relevant laws such as Privacy Code as follows. Taewoong ENS Ltd shall follow Privacy Code with regard to your personal data subject to data processing, informs you of the amendment 7 days before.
This Privacy Policy informs you of contents how Taewoong ENS Ltd operates this web site we are operating.
Effective date 1st May 2016

Privacy protection of web site users

  • A. Purpose of the processing of personal data
    • We will handle personal information for the following purposes.
      Taewoong ENS Ltd use your personal information in order to fulfill our commitment.
    • Writing
      We shall get your prior consent :
      Name, contact info, e-mail address
  • B. We will handle, preserve and delete personal data as mentioned below
    • We shall not use personal data for other purposes other than web site.
      • Regulations: Article 22 the of Law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information
      • Retention period: Delete after 5 years
  • C. Disclosure to a third-party (if any)
    • Your personal data may be disclosed, within the limits and scope expressed herein and in compliance with the Law.
      • A third party, purpose, items or usage duration
  • D. Entrusted the processing of personal information
      • Company Name: Taewoong ENS Ltd
      • Address: #6, 126the Ave., Pyeongdong-ro, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (Pyeongdong 26-2)
      • Telephone: 043-231-9000
      • Working Hours: 9:00 to 18:00
      When entrusting the processing of personal information, we will regulate all kinds of obligation, duty or limitation clearly, informing you of policies and any amendment.
  • E. Users of Taewoong ENS Ltd Website may exercise the following rights as personal data subject.
    • Asking to edit or delete their personal information under 14 years old
    • Requesting for correction of the error or deleting personal information
    • You may modify information, withdrawal consents after going through the verification process to directly access, correct or delete personal information
    • The personal information, the users don't provide or use, shall not be provided until you have completed the correction or deletion or
      personal information shall be processed in accordance with the personal data processing and retention.
  • F. Personal information to process your personal information is as follows.
    • Mandatory : Name
    • Selective: contacts information, e-mail address
  • G. After Taewoong ENS Ltd uses your personal information fulfill our commitment, personal information shall be disposed without delay as soon as it has expired.
    • Disposal process
      • Disposed personal data after fulfilling the purpose as a certain period of time passes
    • Method of destruction
      • Disposed by shredder or incineration.
      • Personal information stored in electronic files shall be deleted using technical methods not to be played back.
  • H. Taewoong ENS Ltd shall protect personal information in technical, administrative or physical respects pursuant to Article 29 of Privacy Code.
    • Encryption of personal information
      • Personal information is encrypted, stored and managed such as using the file locking.
    • Technical measures against hacking
      • Against hacking, a computer installs security programs to prevent leakage of personal information by virus, etc. which bans access from outside for technical & physical monitoring.
    • Controlling personal information processing systems access
      • Through the regulation of access to the database system, we control access to personal information, using a firewall to prevent unauthorized access from outside.
    • Minimize the personal to handle information and staff training
      • We minimize the personal to handle information and train staff.
  • I. Remedies in case of infringement of privacy rights
    • You can contact the following organizations in case of infringement of privacy rights.
      • Privacy Complaint Center (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
        • Service: privacy infringement notification, consultation
        • Website : privacy.kisa.or.kr
        • Phone : (Without area code) 118
      • Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
        • Service: Personal Information Dispute Arbitration, collective dispute resolution (civil resolution)
        • Website : privacy.kisa.or.kr
        • Phone : (Without area code) 118
      • Prosecutors' Office Cyber ​​Criminal Investigation Division : 02-3480-3573 (www.spo.go.kr)
      • Police Office's Cyber ​​Terror Response Center : 1566-0112 (www.netan.go.kr)
  • J. Chief Privacy Officer
    • Taewoong ENS Ltd has designated a Privacy Officer and protection personnel, as shown below in order to help protect your personal information and handle complaints related to personal information.
      • Chief Privacy Officer: Taewoong ENS Ltd Kim, Byungguan
      • Privacy Officer: Taewoong ENS Ltd Kim, Byungguan
      • Contact: 043-231-9000