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Road-related facilities

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Products (road weather information system dedicated controller)

  • Roads weather conditions and collect synonymous
    device control
  • The road in the fog, wind speed, road conditions,
    such as traffic accidents, etc. Collect real-time weather
    data that are directly related to, and
    This allows the driver to drive the safe operation
    Specialized controller capable of performing the
    control ofthe equipment comprehensively

TRMC-1000(Taewonng Remote Monitoring Controller - 1000)

TRMC-1000 사진


  • Stability is very excellent through auto-correction code, even if a communication problem occurs with the communication packet data.
  • By applying Zigbee-Mesh or Zigbee-Brodcast, a wireless network connection can be established.
  • Data Visibility and Temperature & Humidity Data, Road conditions and/or wind direction & speed data can be directly measured without the transmitter as voltage circuit is built-in for precise measurement.
  • By applying a variety of communication speed, various sensors required for road are able to be installed.
  • Applying a built-in five-inch touch monitor required for communication.
  • Telecommunications are very resistant to noise as both analog and control signals are insulated.
  • Applying 4-channel digital input signals and digital output signals for the basic control.
  • In order to create a flashing light on the road required, semi-permanent SSR signal and the output transistors are equipped by the third circuit respectively.


Identification Performance
Exterior Demension W200xH140xD60(mm)
Input Power AC220V
TCP/IP Socket Supports a total of four
Input Communication RS-232, RS-485, 4external point of contact
Temperature Range -20℃~60℃
Communication Speed 1200bps ~ 921600bps
Communication Method RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet Selection possible
Option Zigbee Communication

System Composition

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product / installation photos

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