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Refuse unauthorized e-mail

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E-mail address on the website wall not be collected using the e-mail collecting programs or any other technical device in the unauthorized method, otherwise criminally punished.

[Enforcement Date 29. Nov, 2014.] [Act No.11322, 17. Feb, 2012., Partial Amendment]

Article 50-2 (Prohibition on Unauthorized Collection of Electronic Mail Addresses)

  • No one may collect electronic mail addresses from an internet homepage without prior consent of the operator or manager of the internet homepage automatically by a program for collecting electronic mail addresses or any other technical device.
  • No one may sell or distribute electronic mail addresses collected in violation of paragraph (1).
  • No one may knowingly use an electronic mail address, the collection, sale, and distribution of which are prohibited pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2), in transmitting information.
    [This Article Wholly Amended by Act No. 9119, Jun. 13, 2008]

Article 74 (Penal Provisions)

A person falling under any of the following subparagraphs shall be punished by imprisonment with prison labor for not more than one year or by a fine not exceeding 10 million won: [Amended by Act No. 11322, Feb. 17, 2012]

  • A person who put any similar label on a product or sells a product bearing any similar label, or who displays such product with intent to sell it, in violation of Article 8 (4).
  • A person who distributes, sells, lends, or openly displays any obscene codes, letters, sound, images or motion pictures in violation of Article 44-7 (1) 1.
  • A person who makes any codes, letters, sound, images, or motion pictures arousing fear or apprehensions reach another person repeatedly in violation of Article 44-7 (1) 3.
  • A person who takes any technical measures in violation of Article 50 (6).
  • A person who collects or sells or circulates any electronic mail address, or who uses any electronic mail address in transmitting information, in violation of Article 50-2.
  • A person who transmits any advertising information in violation of Article 50-8.
  • A person who fails to file for a revision to registration, or who fails to file a report on transfer, acquisition, merger, or inheritance of business, in violation of Article 53 (4).